Entering the Transcosmic

Marjorie Meister

March 4 - 18, 2006

Entering the Transcosmic

Entering the Transcosmic is an exhibition of Abstract paintings that explores the concept of "transcosmic" from a tri-cultural perspective (Eastern, Western, and Indigenous). This body of work (2004-2006) is a current chapter from my spiritual quest that began when I was 17. Experimentation and multi-disciplined research are intrinsic motivating factors for me for finding common ground within cross-cultural perspectives. I strive to build bridges between all peoples for the ultimate purpose of increasing understanding and harmony in our world.

I believe audiences play a critical role in completing the creative process. My intent is to provide a door for the audience to enter through, and connect to their inner voice. I invite viewers to engage in their internal dialogue and listen to their thoughts, and share their thoughts with others and me. Perhaps their words, like my art, will be words from their inner self.


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