Toque Baroque

Ben Darrah and Paul Walde

February 11 - March 11, 2006

Toque Baroque

Toque Baroque is an exhibition of works that examines Canadian uniqueness and presents new, more contemporarily relevant kind of Canadian Landscape painting.

Ben Darrah's large scale mixed media paintings respond to how the sense of a Hinterland has become mediated with other references of contemporary life to fuse into an at times cohesive, and other times, a paradoxial series of images that speak of this Country.

Paul Walde turns directly to the marerial of Canadian landscape, specifically the boreal forest and the Canadian Schield, for the subject of his work. This includes grinding up stones from particular regions, such as the North Shore of Lake Superior, and using the powder as pigment for paintings that are literally speaking of the land - the stuff this country is made of.


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