'To Re-convene // To Shoreline'

By Kim Kitchen

Start Date
September 16, 2022
End Date
October 28, 2022

To meet up, to arrive once again, a convergence of being and becoming. The shoreline is both
refuge and passage—one emerges from or enters through.
To Re-convene // To Shoreline exposes Kim’s honouring of sacred earth. It offers a reflection in
depth, perspective and experience, with appreciation and joy at finding ‘self’ once again in the natural landscape.
It navigates ideas of separation—through illness, disability, lack of access, and ideas of
return—through creativity, (re)discovery, community. It explores how our bodies can be
covered—in safety, in isolation or in hiding; and uncovered—in kinship, ecstasy and determination.
Kim’s multimedia journey invites others to immerse in the layers of ambivalence in their lives,
uncovering and re-covering their own locations in relation to self and earth.

Kim Kitchen is a multidisciplinary artist working in audio and film as a result of a debilitating and
transformative illness. She explores collective cultural understandings of the female body, its
intersections with and presence within the natural world. This is evident through the inclusion of
ritual in her work - particularly in To Re-convene // To Shoreline - which draws on her lifelong
connection to the Primordial Mother, and to knowledge of her ancestral homelands of old
Europe. This ongoing research and consciousness has deeply influenced her artistic practice,
which has been largely tactile, focused on painting, sculpture, installation and performance.
Currently, Kim engages her practice of critical inquiry of body/land relations and the
self-reflexive relationship between ability and artistic production through largely multimedia
approaches. With significant changes in mobility, old spaces become unknown insofar as the
body must learn anew how to navigate through them. The familiar becomes unfamiliar: the
body is tasked with relearning how to exist, reaching out in changed, renewed and ever-urgent
ways through creativity.
Kim’s community activism is inclusive, celebratory, and exuberant. In contrast, her work is
introspective, thoughtful, and prompts quiet reflection. Now more than ever, interdependence
is fundamental for this disabled artist.


Opening reception will be held on September 16th from 6-9pm and September 17th from 11-3pm.