thirty days in july

Alfred Villeneuve

June 30 - July 13, 2007

thirty days in july

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A hommage to an Algonquin Summer!

This is a plein aire hommage to a season Native Algonkins know as the 'season of green berries'.

Travelling over 400 kms by canoe and trail the artist captures the season and Algonquin Provincial Park from it's most northern borders to the heavily travelled south. As a cultural tool, the artist instills a 'living history' in the amber of his paints for a future not yet born. As a person of Algonkin/Kashub blood he relates through a pictorial and textual context by incorporating snippets of text from the journal (11,000+ words) he kept, the paintings he created and the unique element of using the wood grown in Algonquin on which to exhibit them. Thus the viewer achieves equilibrium aesthetically, culturally and (from the artist's perspective) historically. As a further adjunct, a complete edition of the journal will be available for the public to peruse for their own edification.


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