Temagami Angele Project

Curated by Arlington Hoffman

June 1 - October 15, 2007

Temagami Angele Project

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This exhibit examines the genesis of the persona of Grey Owl (Archie Belaney) who was "the best known Canadian author and lecturer in his day". The exhibit is of great value to the Northern Ontarians, to Aboriginal people in the area and to the living descendants of Grey Owl in that it finally casts the historical spotlight upon the Anishinaabe culture, the Ojibway language, and the individuals who taught this northern legend the survival skills necessary to live in the Great Northern Forest. The Angele Project focuses on Grey Owl's first wife, Angele, and her role in the making of one of Canada?s first conservationists.

The Project was first exhibited at the WKP Kennedy Gallery in North Bay in the summer of 2006, and is traveling to Temagami to mark the 100th Anniversary of Archie Belaney?s first visit to the area. To provide additional exhibition space, two railcars have been renovated and are situated just beside the Temagami Train Station. The exhibit will be on display in the North Room in the Train Station and in the two railcars until October 15th, 2007.


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