small is powerful (but BIGGER is BETTER)

Group Exhibition

November 14 - December 19, 2009

small is powerful (but BIGGER is BETTER)

That's right, a new twist on an old favourite. This year for the Small is Powerful gallery sale and fundraiser we're altering the parameters slightly -- we're looking for works of art that are no bigger than 12" by...whatever! For instance, a piece could be 12" high and 8 feet long; or, 12" long and 3 feet high. We only ask that pieces be priced at a maximum of $200 per square foot, and that a minimum of 50% of the asking price be donated to the gallery when the piece is sold.

We will be accepting pieces for small is powerful (but BIGGER is BETTER) November 10 & 12, 2009 (we are closed November 11 for Remembrance Day). This year the show will be in the Gallery II Main Space


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