Shifting Transversions

Mary Green and Judith Ingwersen

September 3 - 29, 2005

Shifting Transversions

Points, connected by space in the river of time influence the trajectory of our lives, expanding or contracting existence at will. Change is a constant, shifting where we have been and where we are going. Nothing is still.

An understanding of direction and change is the challenge taken up by two artists who have not previously worked together.

Judith uses visual narrative to expand and explore our relationships with one another and with nature. She has integrated organic materials to develop her artistic expression.

Mary challenges our perception of land and water through her very personal manner of using paint, video and photography. By interweaving these media she acts as a visual diarist.

Both artists are influenced as much by their community as by their internal compass. Their paths have taken diverse directions, though they have a firm understanding of self in their oeuvre to date.


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