Paul Kelly

May 4 - June 22, 2018


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Solo Exhibition presenting the work of Paul Kelly
Presented in Gallery I

Reception: May 4, 6:30-8:30pm WKP Kennedy Gallery

Repercussions features recent artwork that considers modern design practices through fine art surfaces; representing the intersections of my professional work in visual communications, studies in theories of semiotics, and fine arts. I am retrospectively investigating the things that initially inspired me through the lens of the past 45-years with new excitement and force. For many years I have painted large 'plein-air' landscapes, using natural light to aid my understanding of form and pattern in nature, as well as studio-based figurative works that also use life to explore design. My current works come full circle; during the past year I have produced paintings, prints and drawings that weave together personal narratives and formal inquires by integrating representational and non-representational processes: large-scale still-life works of popular and domestic objects filtered through colour-field geometry and typographically-based designs that extend into abstraction.

I research and develop ideas on daily basis investigating formal and art historical concepts through the discovery of new visual forms. Drawing from popular culture, personal experience, and the physical 'sense' of making, in these new paintings I am testing my latent knowledge of design-garnered through years of professional graphic work-against more unplanned and reactive thinking and exploring. Through experimentations with of line and form, my process uses strategies of expansion and delimitation, addition and subtraction, selection and organization, to ask questions about the interaction of elements in visual representation. I am compelled by modernist notions of formal simplicity and how these compositional practices can be explored anew; my creative choices are driven by the tension between the reduction of shape, line and colour and what responses can emerge from seeing these decisions unfold on a painted surface. - Paul Kelly, 2018

Artist Biography:

Paul Kelly is a Canadian artist based in Thornhill, Ontario, and is widely recognized for his contributions to the fields of landscape painting, design and semiotics, as well as art education and art history. Kelly's work is displayed in many public and private collections across Canada and has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout Canada and the United States. Previously a resident of North Bay, Dr. Kelly was instrumental in the establishment of the Fine Art department at Nipissing University in 1990, upon which he held a position as Professor of Fine Art from 1991-2014. Prior to this, Dr. Kelly taught in the Visual Communications Department at Medicine Hat College in Alberta and in the Fashion Department at Ryerson University in Toronto. He holds a Ph.D from the University of Oregon (1989) with a dissertation in semiotics, an MA in Art from Wayne State University (1977), and an Associate Diploma in Design from Bolton College of Art and Design, Lancashire, UK (1971). Kelly trained at the Central Technical School in Toronto in 1967. A recent exhibition of Paul Kelly's work, entitled CLARIFICATION, was presented in 2016 at 150 West gallery in North Bay, Ontario.


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