From Propaganda to Design

Santos Toledo Argudin, Sacha Kean Valiquette

July 20 - August 26, 2006

From Propaganda to Design

From Propaganda to Design is a two-person Exhibition of contemporary design art from Cuba and Canada. This digital and print media exhibit is also a part of our series of shows curated by guest artists. In this case the show was conceived and curated by David Carlin.

The exhibition focuses on the lives and work of two artists, one an emerging contemporary artist and graphic designer from North Bay and the other an experienced poster and graphic artist whose work follows a lifelong passion for image making in Cuba.

The purpose of this exhibition is to present works from several sources to illustrate differences between artists working in different countries, with different subject matter, but in the same medium, a medium that straddles the border between the marketplace and the gallery. It also shows a transition and growth within the world of graphic design, from utilitarian art form, to an artistic adaptation of the digital experiments that are ?infecting? the business of design today. This project will, we hope, examine how individual artists in two different countries have worked from within the ?system? to repudiate politics and the marketplace to create art works that seem to overpower both the message (in the case of Santos Toledo) and the digital medium (in the case of Kean Valiquette).

Santos Toledo Argudin

Santos Toledo Argudin was born in Havana, Cuba in 1950. He is both an artist and one of Cuba's foremost graphic designers. Working in Havana, he specializes in creating images and interior designs that reflect the rich musical and artistic heritage of Cuban culture and society. Over the years he has designed album covers for many of the great Cuban bands and musicians as well as posters for important Cuban cultural festivals, conferences, dance and theatrical presentations. He has designed posters for events in Russia, Germany, Hungary, Venezuela, Bulgary, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Peru, Colombia and Panama.

Sacha Kean Valiquette

Sacha was born in 1974 in Halifax, Nova Scotia but grew up in Northern Alberta. She studied Art and Design at Red Deer College in Alberta, obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Lethbridge in Alberta and graduated from Graphic Design Production at Canadore College in Ontario. She currently lives and works in North Bay, Ontario.

Although she has studied a range of media, her artistic interests have been predominately Ceramic Sculpture and Photography. She studied art under Janet Cardiff and Robin Collyer while at the University of Lethbridge. Throughout the first four years of her education she exhibited in numerous student exhibitions including one held in Paris, France.


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