MENDING...a woman's work is never done...

Christine Charette

July 6 - 21, 2012

MENDING...a woman's work is never done...

An exhibition of new works by mixed media artist Christine Charette in the Gallery I space.

Inspired by old family photographs, articles of clothing, and hand sewn pieces, Christine Charette delves into the past, allowing the matriarchs of her family to help her weave imagery and text into anecdotes of domestic life. Playful, mindful and truthful, these explorations in object mono print, polyester plate lithography, and sewing, address the somewhat archival ways of women's work. Routine, ritual, and repetition are the rhythmic pulse in Christine's artwork and its installation echo's women's work itself. Charette's intrigue with the past, both in fibre arts and the ways of home-life, have been a continual thread in her own life. Coming from a long line of sewers, knitters, quilters, and home makers, these women show up in a variety of forms and metaphors. Mending is something women do by means of both stitching and repairing cloth as well as by healing and nursing with plant medicine. Both are the wisdom of woman's past and present work, gathering, bettering, forever mending, involved in the ongoing relationship with plants and fibre. This body of work honours the matriarchs of Christine's family, and is an ode to the endless cycles of women's work.


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