Indivisuals Revisited

David Hoffos, Taras Polataiko, Brian Scott

July 17 - August 13, 2004

Layover - David Hoffos

In a darkened room, the only light comes from a diorama depicting a modern airport scene. Framed behind glass and set into a false wall, the 1/12 scale model uses mirrors, lights, and architectural elements to create an endless concourse and sitting/waiting area. Miniature people mill about and, in the middleground, a family of passengers kills time while waiting for their flight. The man checks messages on his lap-top, the woman chats on her cell, the boy fiddles with his walkman, while the girl tries to get her parents attention. Outside the miniature plate glass window, planes take off and land against the evening sky. The scene loops, never reaching a dramatic resolution.

Dreams - Taras Polataiko

The cat, sleeping on the couch is woken up by the loud noise of air balloon explosion, he looks at the TV screen in front of him and lazily goes back to sleep untill the next explosion wakes him up again. The public can sit on the couch next to the cat to watch TV and wait for the next explosion. It is impossible for the viewer to know when the next explosion will happen because the size of the ballon is unusually big and it takes very long to pop. The expectation produces tension which is released when balloon finally explodes.

Invisible Inc. - QWERTY - Brian Scott

'Invisible Inc. - QWERTY' [2002] is part of an ongoing body of work started in 1996 that explores ideas of invisibility, anonymity, and corporation. With my candle I discover the lemon juice traces, the invisible ink. My purpose has been to define a territory wherein our sense of self is interrupted by technology and communication. With 'Invisible Inc. ' QWERTY' I hope I am making a small poetry out of a large phenomenon, that of keyboard communication. Like a piano recital, the performance only begins when the audience arrives. The light flickers, the invisible cinema begins, the cinema of actual events. Codes, notes, messages. Anton Kuerti [pronounced QWERTY], a well known canadian pianist, playing Beethoven piano sonatas on the radio,'..lingers on the keyboard. The strobe lights pulse to the sound of Morse code. Response. Six messages in your inbox. I look down at the keyboard and see QWERTY, my point of contact with the virtual world. And I type in 'sculptography'. Send.


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