Daniel Erban, Dennis Jones, Ed Pien, Balint Zsako

June 16 - July 21, 2007


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Artist/Curator, Mark Laliberte (Toronto) will be delivering a curator's talk and slide program one week after the official opening of this exhibit. On Friday evening, June 22nd (7pm) in the Gallery, the curator will discuss the works and the show's intentions.

Dehuman combines and contrasts the artwork of four artists obsessed with drawing hybridized figures struggling between states of conflict. The artists all create work that is figurative, gestural, linear, bestial, horrific, transformative and emotionally vibrant.

The project mines the vast archives that these artists have created to search for threads that bind works together, pulling meaning out from their individual practices into a larger collective gesture. Additionally, all of the artists have agreed to a collaborative series of drawings (completed through the mail), which debuts for this exhibition.


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