Dead Skinned Men Wrapped In Barbed Wire

Andrew Van Schie

August 4 - 13, 2006

Dead Skinned Men Wrapped In Barbed Wire

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Dead Skinned Men Wrapped in Barbed Wire is a time based sculpture installed in downtown North Bay, Ontario for 1 to 14 days following August 4th 2006. The installation consists of 3 full sized wooden human beings standing on each others heads and painted red, wrapped in raw meat and then wrapped in barbed wire. The interactions between the sculpture and the public, the sculpture and animals, the public and animals and the sculpture and the elements will make for a piece that will be ever changing throughout its short life. Every second of the project is being captured using digital and analogue recording equipment and simulcast over the internet. Simultaneous screenings will be taking place at Struts Gallery, Intermission Artists Society and the W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery.


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