New Works

Daniel Elzinga

March 25 - April 8, 2006

New Works

Artist Statement: Dada Deconstructionism

Through my art I continually strive to build a vocabulary based on the reconstruction of the discarded elements of our techno-culture. The subject that I am presently exploring, which is reflected in this particular show, exploits the integration of our technological detritus into the medium of art--in such a way that the artist is a silent voice in the vocabulary of the art. I have a mental, visual and auditory inventory from which I've drawn to create this installation.

There are three dimensional and two dimensional works in this installation, as well as a sound component. The female mannequin artwork, "Net Sex Woman in Counterposto" (2006) is a techno-reconstruction of the image of the feminine as portrayed within contemporary media technology-specifically the net, wherein approximately 60% of the bandwidth at any given time contains some form of a sexualized figuring of the naked female body, on sale, via plastic: Master Card, Visa, and American Express are all accepted. "Net Sex Woman in Conterposto" is an artwork figure that is reconstructed from our techno detritus: discarded particle board and glass, a fragmented display mannequin, machines and toys that are no longer wanted. The auditory aspect of the artwork rambles on with a rhythmic crowd's voice that I find particularly well suited to the multiple personalities suggested by the dolls, swallowed up in the realm of the World Wide Web, i.e., "our Neo-Mind's Eye" in the persona of the computer case. In the real or physical the work stands in counterposto, a pose that suggests potential movement, although its stance is motionless. This is a snapshot, a point in time, a silence in an infinite vocabulary of sound and space.

The two dimensional images in the installation are abstract digital photographs taken from moving images and scans of photographs which I have manipulated and juxtaposed into new compositions: caught moments of a discarded time, reconstructed.


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