A Wanderer's Gaze: The Impact of Place on the Paintings, Drawings and Notebooks of Tom Cummings

Curator: Jean Allen

August 28 - September 25, 2004

The Kennedy Gallery with guest curator, Jean Allen, has partnered with the Kingston Arts Council to create a groundbreaking collaborative project. We are developing and presenting a "modular" travelling exhibition that will include two different curatorial "takes" on one important regional artist.

In Kingston, curator Ben Darrah is working on an exhibition of sketches and finished two-dimensional works from Cummings that will examine and elucidate the many and varied influences that informed the artists' work and process. Here in North Bay, we are presenting an exhibition that is linked to the Kingston exhibit thematically, but that expands the investigation to include Cummings' values, especially his love of the people he met along the many roads he wandered.

A Wanderer's Gaze has been made possible through the assistance of two groups: the Cummings family and in particular Helen Acton of Kingston and Nipissing University. Thanks to a recent donation from the Cummings family, the Nipissing University Archive is exhibiting, for the first time, a selection of Cummings' sketchbooks, studio ephemera, and journals. Alongside this "historical" look into the artists' studio, guest curator Jean Allen has assembled an exhibition of Cummings work that attempts to understand Cummings' humanity, his strong connection to the people and communities of Northern Ontario.


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