Jona Thorvaldsdottir, North Bay Photo Group, Tanya Lukin-Linklater

May 17 - June 8, 2013


An international group exhibition of photographic, cell phone and video art that will be held in venues across the downtown core. This will be the thirds instalment of this popular photographic arts festival.

The WKP Kennedy Gallery will be featuring an exhibition entitled Senses by Icelandic artist Jona Thorvaldsdottir in the Gallery I space, mounted video stills and text entitled unspoken-ness by North Bay artist Tanya Lukin-Linklater and an exhibit of photographs by the North Bay Photo Group entitled we see it... in the Gallery II Main Space.

From Jona Thorvaldsdottir:

Black and white photography has been a big part of my life for the past 15 years. I used to experiment with all kinds of papers and liquids to achieve the tone and the softness I liked so much for my images. Now, by using my Deardorff 8x10” view camera and making palladium/platinum prints, I finally feel equipped to produce images the way I always wanted to. I have also been focusing on the Bromoil process which I find very fascinating and intend to master this beautiful technique with the help of David W. Lewis.

For me, photography is art. I enjoy handpainting some of my images by using ink or water colors. Spending long hours inking up a Bromoil image or printing in my darkroom is my meditation. I let my imagination run free and sometimes the images come out different from what I imagined, which keeps the alternative photography process fresh and exciting. I only use good quality fiber or cotton papers in my work, the texture matters.

My photographs are not necessarily meant to reflect stark reality, but to show what I feel when I follow my insight each time. I prefer to deal with each project as it comes, let things happen and take it from there. It´s not easily explained but one must decide whether my photographs are a part of a fairytale, memories, dreams or simply a self reflection.

More on unspoken-ness by Tanya Lukin-Linklater:

In 2009, the artist began researching specific historical events that affected the Alutiiq of Kodiak Island, Alaska. This research has compelled her to build a body of work (text, performance, experimental choreography) that investigates specific histories in relation to the present moment.

In Memoriam (2012) is an experimental body-based video work that investigates historical memory. The video was developed through an experimental choreographic process that used text as a guide for the development of a movement score. The video was shot on location in North Bay and at the shores of Lake Nipissing on Nipissing First Nation. This is significant for the artist as her practice often entails mapping non-Alutiiq locations with markers of Alutiiq-ness. In this instance, In Memoriam becomes a meditative process of locating, excavating and tracing Alutiiq memory in the body.

For this exhibition, the artist has mounted video stills from In Memoriam on aluminum and will exhibite the series of video stills alongside excerpts of text. 


More on the North Bay Photo Group:

The early 80’s saw Ed Eng and Jack Sheppard jumpstart the North Bay Photo Group. They thought there was a need for photographers, professional and amateurs to get together to share common ideas, learn new technologies and techniques. The group gets together on a monthly basis; prints or laptops are displayed and the work is critiqued. Questions get an immediate response or opinions are expressed. The North Bay Photo Group are: Dan Bryer, Paul Chivers, Ed Eng, Gerald Hogan, John Minkowskyj, Sean O'Halloran, Dave Palangio, John Stewar, Charles H. (Chuck) Verge, John Wallace.


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