Browsing Beauty

Sigi Torinus (Canada), Andrea Sunder-Plassmann (Germany), sound by the Noiseborder Ensemble (Windsor, Canada)

October 9 - November 4, 2010

Browsing Beauty

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Multi-Media Installation (with sound) in the Gallery II Main Space.

This multi-media exhibit includes: weather balloons, slide and video projections, sound, and a dedicated website. In various locations specific cultural interpretations of beauty find their way into the installation; images/sound from each locale are integrated together with projections of collected handwritten statements that we've been collecting.  In San Francisco 1994 this loose collective of artists came up with the ideas for the project when they were comparing notes on experiences at art schools, wishing for a discourse on beauty in art/culture that seemed to be missing. They felt that beauty was edited out as part of a politically correct rhetoric, disparaged as being an atemporal and apolitical ideal (beauty as the handmaiden of privilege, a distraction from the more important things in life).


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