beneath this skin

Jana Brogan

March 15 - 30, 2013

beneath this skin

beneath this skin is an exhibition of new work in the Gallery I Space by mixed media artist Jana Brogan who currently splits her time between Toronto and North Bay.  

From the artist: 

beneath this skin; glimpses

Using a juxtaposition of found and random objects to express memory and thought, I have had to acknowledge that my own life exists as just such a juxtaposition; evolving through found and random experiences.

My true self has not been born of large and momentous occasions…marching bands or rocket launches, but more honestly created from a collection of spoken words and unexpected happenings; single moments melded into the most magnificent and unexpected world within that is as profound as it is mundane, startling in its simplicity. This show has been an attempt no so much to unearth, but to unravel... to begin to find small windows of insight…glimpses.

Beneath this skin
Beyond this living heart
A castle crumbles

Truth awakens light
A lifetime not a breath
A seedpod splits

I am a vessel
Filled to overflowing

I am memory

- Jana Brogan 


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