Arctic Reflections

Pamela Adams-Somerville

May 3 - June 7, 2008

Arctic Reflections

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Although Canada is a northern country, few people make it to the north. Since I have been fortunate to go and live with an Inuit family and experience their love and connection with this wonderful land, to go to muskrat camp, wale camp on Gary Island out in the Arctic ocean, and to share in camp life - I thought this the right time to share the experience with others through paintings, photographs, maps and artifacts. The show will introduce the viewer to the artistic and cultural perspectives in a part of Canada that is huge, beautiful and isolated and little known by those in the south.

There are fourteen large canvases in this exhibition. They give a glimpse into the Western Arctic during four months - May to August. The exhibition "starts" in the snow in mid-May and ends with the snow on August 16th up in the mountains.

Since the sculptural effects and design in the landscape have always been important to me, these works are bold and will let the viewer discover the "anatomy" of this isolated part of the world.


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