50 Shades of Blue

Cameron Armstrong, Alex Maeve Campbell, Keith Campbell, David Carlin, Jackie Carter, Doug Donley, Susan Farquhar, Dennis Geden, Guy Lavigueur, Clayton Windatt and more

November 5 - December 24, 2013

50 Shades of Blue

Blue, with both its historical and contemporary usages and its many hues, continues to have a most "colourful" affiliation with human expression and imagination. Blue can be and can mean many things: we sing and play the blues, watch naughty blue movies, win blue ribbons, it's a team colour, it's a political affiliation, we are surrounded by blue in our natural world and, sometimes, we get the blues.

50 Shades of Blue is an especially curated exhibition for the WKP Kennedy Gallery's Gallery I Space focusing on "blue" -- the colour, the feeling, the word, and its meanings -- in order to represent it as only visual artists are able to do. Expression of the colour and the concept in its numerous interpretations. Curator Alex Maeve Campbell, along with co-curators Joan Ferneyhough and Clayton Windatt, will bring together pieces of artwork in various media to honour the colour's evocative visual and mental possibilities.

The exhibiting artists are (alphabetically): Cameron Armstrong, Alex Maeve Campbell, Keith Campbell, David Carlin, Jackie Carter, Paulyne Charron, Doug Donley, Susan Farquhar, Dennis Geden, Beth Guindon, Rachel Labonté, Brenda Lalonde, Guy Lavigueur, Brittany Prozenko, Angèle Vallières, Clayton Windatt.

Fittingly, the Capitol Centre has had a "Blues" focus for the last couple of seasons, with performances by the likes of David Clayton Thomas, Downchild Blues Band, and Rita Chiarelli, and with events like the Blues Cruise and the upcoming Wine Gala featuring Colin James. Plus, to give another little wicked spin on our theme, the musical Spank! The 50 Shades Parody will be gracing the Capitol Centre stage on February 7, 2014.

50 Shades of Blue will open to the public on Tuesday, November 5, and will be up for the November 15 Downtown Gallery Hop, the November 22 Downtown Old Fashioned Christmas Walk, and, of course, the 17th Annual Wine Gala on November 23. The exhibition will run until December 21.

(Image is Drawing on Landscape #3 by Susan Farquhar, courtesy of Ferneyhough Contemporary.)

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