Choir Chant

Friday, April 21, 5 - 6pm


This Friday at 5pm, please join us at the WKP Kennedy Gallery for a special performance work which kicks off the Latin American performance art festival hosted by the WKP Kennedy Gallery and the White Water Gallery, entitled Entrails

Alejandro Arauz, Canadian interdisciplinary artist of Nicaraguan descent, will lead the performance in collaboration with Near North Voices, North Bay's University and Community Choir. The group will perform the Canadian anthem translated into a variety of languages, exploring identity, language and Diaspora. 

"Choir Chant is a work that stems from my previous work entitled ‘Skin Anthem I’. In ‘Skin Anthem I’ the Canadian anthem was translated to Spanish, Ojibway, Hebrew, Hindi, Filipino, Chinese, French, German and Arabic. These translations were made from the official English and French Canadian anthems, the text was then laser etched onto wood to create wooden text plaques. The ten wooden matrices were utilized in what I term a ‘print performance’. The aim of the ‘print performance’ is to embody the printmaking process by removing the mechanical components, while referencing the customs of veneration. ‘Skin Anthem I’ calls to mind the role print played in disseminating the Canadian anthem.

Choir Chant continues my research into language, identity and Diaspora. Choir Chant explores the choral experience of the translations. One individual performs one anthem translation; the performers simultaneously and intuitively ‘sing and speak’ the translations to create a singular chant. The performance is accompanied by pedestals, from which the audience can create rubbings of the translations. "‘Choir Chant’ highlights the role printmaking and the choir arts played in forming a national identity. Furthermore, ‘Choir Chant’ calls into question our present freedom to author, visualize and disseminate new forms of established documents." - Alejandro Arauz.

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