Friday, April 21, 5:00 - 7:00pm


The White Water Gallery and the WKP Kennedy Gallery will co-hosting a small performance festival, featuring artists from Latin America!

This event is Free. All are welcome, especially those with an interest in art that pushes boundaries and challenges audiences. Refreshments will be served.

Kicking off the festival at the WKP Kennedy Gallery at 5pm, Alejandro Arauz with the Near North Voices, will present Choir Chant - a performance which explores lineage, Diaspora and identity through 8-12 choral singers performing the Canadian national anthem in their diverse native languages (including Ojibway, Cree, Armenian, Spanish, Arabic, Hebrew and Chinese). This piece will also include video art and sculptural elements, responding to Rebecca Belmore's "Ayum-ee-aawach Oomama-mowan: Speaking to Their Mother".

From there we will migrate to the White Water Gallery around 6pm, for a series of performances by five artists visiting from Latin America, along the theme of "Entrails".

Ruth Vigueras Bravo (Mexico)
Nicolás Spinosa (Argentina/Spain)
Cecilia Stelini (Brazil)
Oscar Gavilán Ortiz (Chile)
Neryth Manrique (Colombia)

The Latin interanea, or “internal,” is the root of the word entrails (víscera or entraña, in Spanish), which could either refer to a main organ situated inside the body or generally as something internal. For instances, the noun entrails is also used to mean the inside of something such as the entrails of a street or the vital components of a system. We could refer to this word in both a spiritual or physical way–referencing the body or the material world in which we live. In either instances, the word is often used when the internal is made visible, marking the visceral and often uncomfortable, perhaps even fatal, moment of exposure either literally or symbolically. Thus exposure and concealment, internal and external, conscious and unconscious are important aspects of this word to consider. In thinking about the body specifically, it’s possible to also deliberate the ways that the body’s entrails record or respond to both physical and mental triggers, often manifesting inner thoughts and feelings.

Artist Talks on Thursday April 20th: 


Presented by The Contemporary Art Committee and the Museum of Northern History from Kirkland Lake, in partnership with the WKP Kennedy Gallery. 

For more information, please visit White Water Gallery's website at: http://whitewatergallery.com/events-2017/entrails/


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