Downtown Gallery Hop + Opening for Decontraction by Cameron Armstrong

Friday, January 16, 7-9:30 pm

Join us at the W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery for the very first Downtown Gallery Hop of 2015 at which we'll be celebrating the opening of Decontraction by local artist Cameron Armstrong!

For more information on Decontraction, click HERE

And don't forget to check out the other 14 fantastic Hop locations!

1. Line Gallery, 897 Main St W

2. Black Iron Tattoo, 271 Main St W

3. K. Bros. Maroosis Art Centre, 232 Algonquin Ave

4. The Westlake Gallery, Suite 4-374 Fraser St

5. Inlkined Studio, 210 Worthington St W

6. Ferneyhough Contemporary, 157 First Ave

7. Antiques at Deegan's, 174 Main St W

8. Michelle's FrameMaker & Gallery, 168 Main St W

9. Art On Main, 171 Main St W

10. The FARM, 154 Main St W

11. 150 West, 150 Oak St W

12. North Bay & Area Potter's Guild, 128 Oak St E

13. White Water Gallery, 122 Main St E

14. Near North Mobile Media Lab, 124 Main St E, 2nd Floor 


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