Opening Reception for the Glass House | The Sacred and the Profane

Saturday, April 21, 1 - 4 pm

Join us for the opening reception for 2 new exhibitions in the Kennedy Gallery spaces -- The Glass House in the Gallery II Main Space and The Sacred and the Profane in Gallery I.

The Glass House is a group exhibition in the Gallery II Main Space presenting paintings by Canadian artists Michael Ankowiak, Gillian Iles, Shannon Partridge and Scott Sawtell. Each artist questions the presentation and authority of various cultural truths; specifically the referencing of photography and video in Michael Ankowiak's work, mass media, public perception and private individuality in Gillian Iles work, museums and historical texts in Scott Sawtell's work, public zoo exhibits and mid-century interior design images in Shannon Partridge's work. Each of these areas contains an interesting mixture of legitimacy and artifice. Zoo exhibits might provide a visual of a naturalistic environment for the basic needs of the animals, but it is human's interpretation of nature which in fact is an artificial wilderness. A museum diorama or historical textbook might contain all the necessary facts and segment the information into clear and concise areas, but there is a separation between the cleanliness of display and the messiness of real life. The authority of the photograph has been in question since its inception. This questioning has only increased over recent years with the introduction of digital photography and video. We may feel the imagery presented is voyeuristic, but the photographic lens hints to a falsity and an otherness which simultaneously protects and reveals us.

The Sacred and the Profane is a travelling exhibition featuring the diorama artwork of Laurie Langford and Betty Sager in the Gallery I Space. These boxed assemblage works examine themes of feminism in a post-industrial age and various political topics as well as the solace offered by maternalism.


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