Parachute Sessions #3 - Professional Development for Artists

Thursday, August 18, 6-9pm

parachute-red-copyAugust 18 and 19, 2011 - 6-9pm

The third Parachute Session is entitled: Artists & the Media, Distributing and Broadcasting your Artwork.

On Thursday evening, August 18th, we will discuss how artists inter-relate with local and national news media. How do we write a media release? How do we get our new arts business/product/exhibition into the newspaper? What are the new avenues for marketing arts events?

On Friday evening, August 19th, Toronto Film and Installation artist, Deirdre Logue will present an artist's talk that focuses on how contemporary media artists are marketing and distributing their works nationally and internationally.

Participants to this event will receive complimentary subscriptions to three Canadian art magazines. The value of these subscriptions exceeds 30 dollars per year. 


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