Parachute Sessions #2 - Installation and Framing

Tuesday, August 9, 6 pm


Aug. 9 - 12 - 6-9pm

The Second Parachute Session is entitled: Installation and Framing and is led by a professional framer, a photographic artist who has shown his work internationally and a local mixed media artist.

Starting on Tuesday evening and continuing through until Friday evening, this intensive workshop will focus participants on learning how to professionally frame and present their artworks.

Topics will include: How to mat and frame works under glass, how to present the work, photographing the work for documentation and to support grant/exhibition applications, formatting support material for the web and how to create content for artist websites. 

Central to this component of the project is the Installation Event. Over the course of the week August 9th to August 13th, participants will install, light and document a selection of their artworks in the Main Gallery at the Kennedy. These photographs will be used to create a professional exhibition proposal package. 

Instructors: Alex Maeve Campbell, Kennedy Gallery Coordinator, Jackie Carter, North Bay Arts Collective.


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