Parachute Sessions #1

Saturday, July 16, 10 am

parachute-red-copyPart One of a four part educational and professional development project presented by the W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery Education Department. 

Parachute Sessions is a project to assist emerging and new generation artists, new graduates and final year high school students who are preparing for a Fine Arts degree or arts-based professional career.

Session #1 is led by Dermot Wilson, Kennedy Gallery Director/Curator, Trista Luxton, Educational Projects Coordinator, and Jackie Carter, North Bay Art Collective Director and Doc North Film Festival Director. The three mentors will lead discussions, workshops and participatory learning sessions on July 16 and 17, 2011.

Dermot will assist particpating artists in learning about grant opportunities for emerging artists, creating artist statements, preparing packages for galleries, creating budgets for artists' projects, and with a special session on studio practise.

Trista will assist participants in learning about grants for young entrepreneurs, creating creative business plans, budgeting for your art business, and various marketing opportunities for artists working in all media.

Jackie will assist participants in learning how to obtain community sponsorship for arts events, new art businesses, etc. She will also discuss the value of collectivizing as a contemporary artist. 


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