Opening for Full Frontal Pop & Recent Paintings

Saturday, September 5, 7 - 9 pm

Visit the WKP Kennedy Gallery for two openings in one!

In the Gallery II Main Space will be FULL FRONTAL POP, a group exhibition featuring the work of North Bay's John H. U. Weiss, plus work from Toronto artists Andy Fabo,  Kevin O'Byrne, and Van LaPointe. Mythology and street histories are examined in this collaborative exhibition of new works, performances, and videos by these contemporary artists. Fabo, known for his drawing and media works, will be working with O'Bryne and LaPointe on a new series of torso sculptures and silkscreens that go where Warhol never went! North Bay's always flamboyant John H. U. Weiss will erect a performance set in the gallery, perform a "tribal tableau" in the gallery and create a new series of paintings for the show.

Also, in the Gallery I space, Ken Hopper opens his exhibition, Recent Paintings. We hope to see you there!


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