The Paddle Project Gala

Sunday, June 14, 7 - 11 pm

Join us for the Paddle Project gala event and fundraiser featuring 80 one-of-a-kind artist created paddles. The event will include a live auction, raffles, food, drinks and entertainment. Doors open at 7 pm, June 14.


Reserve Paddle Ticket - $250
You get to reserve the paddle of you choice (the only exceptions being 6 paddles slated for live auction and the 1 for raffle) at any time before 8 pm on night of Gala, admittance to gala, 2 drink tickets, hors d'oeuvres, participation in live auction and raffles, plus one commemorative poster.

Paddle Ticket - $150
You are guaranteed one paddle, which you get to choose when your number is pulled from a hat on the night of the gala (so, you could be first to choose or last, but there is choice), admittance to gala, 2 drink tickets, hors d'oeuvres, participation in live auction and raffles, plus one commemorative poster.

Gala Ticket - $20
You get admittance to the gala, 2 drink tickets, hors d'oeuvres, and participation in live auction and raffles.

Artist-Created Paddles for Live Auction on June 14:

Keith Campbell
Dennis Geden
Arlie Hoffman
Judith Ingwersen
Beth Jackson
Jeannie Thib

Paddle for Raffle on June 14 Created By:

Adam Beanish
David Carlin
Patricia Ford

Paddles Available Through Ticketed Sales Created By:

Dianne Allen
Sylvia Antinozzi
Christine Atchison
Julie Bartkiewicz
Mary Bon
Jane Bonnell
Janet Bourgeau
Eric Boyer
Jana Brogan
Alex Maeve Campbell
Jackie Carter
Christine Charette
Cindy Cowper
John Cowper
Jennifer Daniels
Carole Davidson
Susan Dell
Claire Domitric
Clermont Duval
Tracy East
Daniel Elzinga
Angela Evans
Cocco Russell Falk
Janice Fatum
Fran Hanover
Lora Hatch
Danielle Heffernan
Heather Hodgson
Pauline Holenski
Tory James & Alex McKay
Christine Johnston
Marjorie Kelly
Brent Kluke
Ean Kools
Natasha Landry
Michelle LaRiviere
Jaymie Lathem
Nepher Lewis
Liz Lott
Sue MacDonald
Bradly Dreamwalker MacDonald
Walter Pape
Krista Pedersen
Betty Sager
Valerie Sedore
Peter Sloan
Steve Sopinka
Margot Cormier Splane
Maureen Steward
June Stewart
Ann Suzuki
Stephanie Van Doleweerd
Lionel Venne
Paul Walde
Amy Wallace
John Weiss
Marie White
Dermot Wilson
Clayton Windatt
Doreen Wood
Woodbutcher Productions
Leszek Wyczolkowski
Gary Yates
Coral Young

Paddles Sponsored by Community Groups:

AIDS Committee of North Bay and Area - paddle created by Kirk Titmuss

Greening Nipissing - paddle created by Holly Cunningham


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