Artstars: Interpretive Performance Art

Saturday, April 5, 10:30am - 1:30pm

Note: This is a special 3-hour double class. The cost is $24 instead of the usual $12.

Joan will work creatively with the students in order to produce a unique performance art piece. The layering of interpretive movements will be guided through a choreography that will reflect the mood and meaning of Enya's ethereal musical piece called 'Boadicea'.

The ArtStars students will perform in the WKP Kennedy Gallery's exhibition space as an opportunity for their final presentation during the end of the three-hour course session.

About the instructor:
Joan Bidal is a French and Drama teacher at King George Public School, with a strong background in performance art. She has spearheaded the annual King George Variety Show, which has demonstrated a wide range of versatile talent in young students.


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