Spontaneous Choreography Dance Workshop (8/8)

Sunday, November 4, 1-3pm

Workshop Costs

We are asking all workshop participants for a total workshop fee of $35. This fee covers all instructor costs, space rentals, all performance marketing and various provided materials/props.

Contact Information

Instructor Cristina Lella can be reached at: 840-0292
Contact the Kennedy Gallery to register: 474-1944, ext. 231

Course Description

This workshop is geared to prepare you to outline and perform a choreography with a visual art exhibit and art gallery as the primary sources of inspiration. It will be a combination of creative process work and techniques for improvisation and spontaneous choreography.

Creative Process

The creative process portion of the workshop will consist of exercises to practice tuning our attention into internal feelings, thoughts, and imaginations as starting points for movement and dance. This way of working helps dancers make sense of ourselves and our environments through our art form, and it reawakens patterns of movement and abilities that are part of us but have been paved over or edited out as not dance. These patterns and abilities from our personal experience provide rich material for unique choreography as well as for strength of presence in performance. We will work with ?washing? colors and elements through the body, as well as with simply ?listening in? to the body.

You will also have the opportunity to write and draw in a private journal as a tool for accessing the same material through a different medium.

Improvisation and Spontaneous Choreography

We will then practice exercises to hone skills in improvisation and creating spontaneous choreography. These include practicing moving with ranges of foci, developing awareness of other dancers in the space, developing awareness of the space itself i.e. lighting, sounds, shapes and volumes in the space, etc? and making spontaneous choreographic choices based on what you think and feel would best serve the ongoing piece. To help with this you will develop and practice three states of participation in the three ?areas? of the performance:

  1. Active dancing and performing in the stage area of the piece,
  2. Preparedness for dancing in the wings area,
  3. Active observing and critiquing in the audience area.

We will also address the questions of whether you want to perform with music, a soundscape that you can create, working with the sounds that are generated in the space as you perform, and/or creating your own sound/music as you perform, and how you think/feel the lighting should be for the piece.

Finally, you will use the skills developed in these exercises to outline and perform a choreography based on art as exhibited in the Kennedy Gallery in November.

Required Skills and Basic Workshop Equipment

Previous dance experience and willingness to perform are necessary.

Participants should bring:

  • a sketch pad (at least 8.5?x11? recommended)
  • coloured crayons, pencils, pastels
  • recorded music and/or sounds you like for whatever reason (cd format is easiest to play back)
  • wear clothing in which you can move easily.


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